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Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Great Adventure is filled with enchanting experiences to help create those special family fun outings during this magical time of the year. Our breathtaking winter wonderland features a variety of delightful and interactive activities to help capture the holiday spirit. Gather with your loved ones to enjoy sparkling lights, glamorous decorations, festive scents and seasonal treats, playful activities, hair-raising rides, and heartwarming shows. Download our Holiday in the Park guide.

Six Flags Great Adventure delivers holiday thrills from world-class coasters to rides the entire family can enjoy together. Select rides and attractions are open during Holiday in the Park — see our full list.

Air Jumbo

These perky, happy, junior elephants may not have wings, but they love to fly with their giant ears. Each one has a different brightly-colored saddle. Choose your favorite little pachyderm and then climb inside, as it starts to spin around a circus top in the center.

Min. Height: None with adult. No lap children. 48" to ride alone.

BATMAN: The Ride

BATMAN never gets a day off and Christmas time is no exception! Get ready to ride with BATMAN himself and fight crime. Experience drops, 50 MPH speeds, Zero-G rolls and 360 degree loops that only a holiday master like yourself can accomplish! The villains of Gotham don’t stand a chance against you!

Min. Height: 54"

Big Wheel

Temporarily Closed. Step into your very own bucket and fly through Six Flags on your way to the North Pole! Be sure to look around you on your journey and take in the beautiful holiday lights. You may even see some elves working hard in Santa’s Workshop if you look close enough!

Min. Height: 42" with adult


Dashing into the sky on this giant pirate ship is the perfect way to swing to new heights with holiday cheer! High flying thrills await as the pirate ship Buccaneer sets sail, swing high and low on waves of excitement.

Min. Height: 42"


For generations, the carousel has been one of the most magical and cherished rides for young and old alike and now it will be the crowned jewel of Holiday In The Park! This carousel is decorated with dancing lights and a giant gingerbread cookie.

Min. Height: 42" with adult.

Dare Devil Dive

Joy to the world, it’s time to ride…the great and tall Dare Devil Dive! It will take you into the air and will certainly mess up your hair. But after it free falls from the sun and all of its metal twisting fun, you’ll be surely sad that it is done! Additional fee required.

Min. Height: 42"

Deja Vu

The spinning scrambler will give you Deja Vu to holiday seasons past with warm memories. You’ll spin so fast you won’t remember if you’re coming or going, but you’ll have your family and friends along for the ride!

Min. Height: 36" with adult. 48" to ride alone.

Fender Benders

It wouldn’t be the holiday rush without some gridlock on your way to do last-minute shopping for loved ones. No need for brakes as you put your pedal to the metal on this classic, clobbering, bumper car smash-up!

Min. Height: 48" with adult to ride as passenger. 54" to ride alone.

Gingerbread Twist

Twist around on these Christmas cups and get ready to laugh, cheer and spin the night away all holiday season long! A little twist of gingerbread is all you need to go with your tea. Warm your hearts with laughter on our family teacup ride.

Min. Height: 42" with adult.


GREEN LANTERN may have a little different idea of what “holiday cheer” really means. His perfect day of celebrating the holiday spirit is showing everyone what it’s like to stand up to those who don’t believe!

Min. Height: 54"

Holly Jolly Roger

Just down the path from the Buccaneer pirate ship, the Holly Jolly Roger is a holiday twist on a classic sailing flag, which you might know better as a skull and crossbones! When you see the Jolly Roger, you know pirates are near.

Min. Height: None with adult. No lap children. 48" to ride alone.

Houdini's Great Escape

The magic of the holidays is about believing in things you cannot see! Take a unique and supernatural journey through Harry Houdini’s secret escape after taking in the sights of the Peppermint Path.

Min. Height: None with adult. No lap children. 48" to ride alone.

Whimsical Wonderland

This group of 11 rides is just for the littlest holiday riders. Join your favorite Looney Tunes characters for spinning thrills in Looney Tunes Seaport and right next door at Safari Kids. Bring mom and dad too!

Min. Height: Check each ride for restrictions. Most rides accommodate parents.


You better not shout, you better not cry! Better not pout and I’m telling you why. Because Nitro is taking you up to the Sky! Santa Claus himself is even a little nervous to take on this giant steel sleigh, as it takes you up 23 stories as you crest the top.

Min. Height: 54"

Poinsettia Peak

Tunnel into a fully immersive world of holiday adventure on this all indoor coaster—in total darkness! The lighted beauty of the coaster will prime you for your swift adventure into dips and turns perfect for the whole family this holiday season.

Min. Height: 44" with adult. 48" to ride alone.


Get a bird’s eye view of over a million glittering lights on the startlingly tall 242-foot tower. Take in the sights, smells and crisp air while scouting out the next adventure you’ll take. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Santa and snowflakes while you’re up there!

Min. Height: 44" with adult. 48" to ride alone.


Who says you need Santa’s sleigh to fly? The Slingshot is both as simple and terrifying as it sounds. You’re basically a human-sized pebble being launched out of a gargantuan rubber band. Brace yourself for a high speed launch, followed immediately by an epic freefall. Additional fee required.

Min. Height: 44"

SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight

Seeing is believing when it comes to the magic of the season. Take a spin on SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight and let the Man of Steel himself show you the magic of flying through the air amidst glittering lights.

Min. Height: 54"


No one wants to let evil ruin the magical spirit. Join THE DARK KNIGHT to Chase THE JOKER deep underground on GOTHAM’s abandoned subway on this all—indoor steel coaster!

Min. Height: 42" with adult. 48" to ride alone.


Climb onto a classic seated top-spinner if candy canes are your favorite holiday treat, then this ride is for you! This strangely epic-looking behemoth made entirely of rustic wood has only one purpose: to twist and disorient you!

Min. Height: 54"

We strive to safely accommodate the needs of all guests including guests with disabilities. Please view our Guests with Disabilities page for information regarding safety and accessibility guidelines and our Attraction Access Passes. A copy of our Safety and Accessibility guide is available online and also at Guest Relations.

Experience our festive shows, dozens of Christmas trees, more than one million LED lights and meet Santa Claus. Stroll through Polar Point, Gingerbread Junction and Poinsettia Peak.  Walk through Joy to the World, a journey through holiday traditions from around the globe.

Peppermint Path

This minty "cool" path contains a forest of towering red and white swirls leading you up to the magical journey of Houdini's Great Escape.

Gumdrop Hop

Join Dot and Drop Gingerbread for a festive, holiday dance party sweet enough to eat. Dance party takes place next to the Carousel in Gingerbread Junction at 2:15, 3:45, 5:15 and 6:45 p.m.

A Celebration of the Season

Journey through the magic of the holidays every 30 minutes as our massive, 52-foot tree comes alive through dancing lights and festive music. Show begins daily at 4:30 p.m.

Joy to the World

Take a stroll down this tranquil pathway of lit trees, luminaries and stained glass showcasing religious holidays from around the world.

Jack Frost's Magical Christmas

Jack Frost's evil plot to steal Christmas is reversed by the warmth and magic of the holiday season in this live stage spectacular filled with acrobatics, illusions and surprise guests. Show takes place in Showcase Theater.

Santa's House

Santa and his elves invite you into the warmth of their home for a meet-and-greet and holiday photos.

North Pole Village

Kids can meet a reindeer, send letters to Santa and create a cozy companion at Bears 2 Go at our North Pole Village right across from Santa's House.

Poinsettia Peak

Wander into our red, glowing Poinsettia Peak section with a breathtaking Poinsettia tree. Don't forget to get your picture with our very own crimson beauty, Poinsettia Princess.

Whimsical Wonderland

Visit Whimsical Wonderland with the whole family to take in some rides with the little ones while and to see the festive, colorful tree.

Storytime with Mrs. Claus

Hear one of Santa's favorite stories! Storytime with Mrs. Claus takes place in Adventure Theater in Whimsical Wonderland at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

Mistletoe Moments

Share a moment with someone special under our mistletoe this holiday season. A magical photo opportunity to preserve the holiday spirit!

Jingle Jammers

Listen to our carolers as you warm your hands and hearts by the fire.

Please note that Santa Claus will not be available after December 25 when he heads back to the North Pole.

We have it all — wonderful treats, wonderful friends, scrumptious warm food to fill your tummy. From festive holiday foods like cookies and rich hot chocolate to the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Grab a snack in between rides. Do some shopping between shows. We have what you need!

Fireside Bar & Grill

Sit by the fire and enjoy specialty beers, spiked egg nog, hot apple cider, holiday flavored hot chocolates and coffees including peppermint and hot fudge. Plus enjoy burgers, chicken strips and holiday Dippin' Dots.

Granny's Country Kitchen

'Tis the season for home cooked goodness! Indulge with holiday chicken or turkey platters with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce - plus a biscuit! Don't forget the specialty holiday beers.

Main Street Pub

The delicious possibilities are endless with holiday soups and chili, specialty beers and egg nog. Don't forget to warm up from the inside out with a holiday turkey platter!

GA Cafe

Warm up with flavored hot chocolates and coffees or hot apple cider. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a signature funnel cake. Or celebrate the chill in the air with some soft serve ice cream.

Yum Yum Cafe

The scents and flavors of the season come together in the delightful holiday offerings at Yum Yum Cafe. Harvest flatbreads or salads engage the senses with dried cranberries, grilled chicken, pecans and raspberry vinaigrette.

Garden State Grill

Put a holiday spin on your favorite burger by adding stuffing and cranberry sauce for the ultimate Harvest Burger available at Garden State Grill!

Kettle Corn

Snacks keep the smiles coming! Stop by the Kettle Corn stand for kettle corn popcorn, chocolate-dipped bananas and churros!

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

When an all-American meal is what you crave, stop by for boardwalk-style hot dogs, corn dog nuggets and fries!

Tot Shop

Kids only! Come buy holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Holiday Memories Gifts

Pick up a holiday gift for your loved ones and purchase your s'mores kits to toast by the fire pits.

Holiday Fire Pits

Warm up by the fire in Holiday Memories while toasting your s'mores or listening to the songs of the Jingle Jammers.

Main Street Market

Six Flags merchandise, holiday gifts for friends and family and medicine are available at A Main Street Christmas.

Looney Tunes Shoppe

Pick up your favorite Six Flags and holiday souvenirs! Plus pick up a Celebration Sticker from a cashier to let our team know what you're celebrating.

Sweet Treats

The holiday season isn't complete without candies, fudge, caramel apples and flavored hot chocolates!


Show your true colors with DC Super Heroes gifts and collectibles!


Grab your DC Super Hero collectibles and merchandise. Plus, pick up a celebration sticker to let us know what you're celebrating this holiday season.

Sweet Cakes & Cones

Holiday flavored funnel cakes and hand-dipped ice cream.

Liberty Square Pizza

Pizza featuring FAMIGLIA offerings, salads and beer!

Main Street Snacks

Pretzels, turkey legs, popcorn, hot chocolate and cold drinks to fill your seasonal appetite.

Load It Up

Turkey legs, chicken tenders, assorted snacks, hot chocolate, cold drinks, beer and wine!

Nitro Snacks

Turkey legs, pretzels, popcorn, hot chocolate and cold drinks.

Panda Express

Warm up inside and out with flavorful Chinese food!

Mama Flora's Cucina

Share a meal with family and friends! Italian food, hot soups, salads, hot chocolate and more!

Super Heroes' Snacks

Keep up your Super Hero strength with chicken nuggets and fish n' chips